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Circle Of Life Botanicals


Circle of Life Botanicals is happy and proud to introduce a new niche range of beautiful certified organic roll-on essential oils to enhance feelings of physical and emotional wellbeing in daily life and to offer an alternative to chemical based fragrances. Each of our blends has been lovingly created to address an area of wellbeing where we commonly find ourselves needing some additional support and the combined aromas of the essential oils are truly delicious to wear. The 10ml dark green glass roll-on bottles are both beautiful and practical, bringing the ancient and well loved art of aromatherapy to your fingertips. They are easy, neat and no-mess - small enough to fit into pockets, bags, the console in your car or even under your pillow so you can have your favourite blend close to hand wherever you are or whatever you are doing. With a whopping 15% essential oils our products are loaded with generosity and integrity. The certified organic nature of the blends means you can rest assured that you are putting nothing but the best onto and into your body.

Essential oils in a nutshell!

Essential oils can be used in many different ways to address health imbalances in a holistic manner. When essential oils are applied topically, they are easily absorbed by your skin, then into your cells and start working their magic thereby subtly stimulating, relaxing, rejuvenating, refreshing, uplifting, brightening, and supporting body, mind and spirit during the course of daily life. Of course, the fragrances of the Circle of Life Botanicals blends are really delicious to wear and each time you inhale the scent of these lovely, rich aromas the healing properties of the plants they are from, enter your body and are absorbed again, this time through your highly developed olfactory system. Once their messages of wellbeing have been delivered, essential oils are naturally expelled from your body, in a matter of hours, leaving no trace and no build up.

Address Mullumbimby
NSW    2482
Phone 02 6684 3469
Mobile 0428 731 921

Circle of Life Botanicals is a fledgling small business based in stunning subtropical northern NSW. The concept was born out of a long time love of essential oils and a desire to contribute something positive to the area of natural health and also to the health of our beautiful, fragile and amazing planet.

Our Mission Statement

We recognise and respond to the growing awareness that we need to look to the natural world for our own health and wellbeing.

We seek to offer the healing properties of plants through aromatherapy and offer a natural alternative to chemical based fragrances.

We are committed to using only ethically farmed and produced ingredients and will not contribute to the ongoing eradication of medicinal plants worldwide.

We value the use of organic ingredients recognising the benefits of such for both personal health and the natural environment globally.

We are inspired to produce high quality products within the framework of these commitments.


If you are interested to find out more, or to purchase any of our products online, you will find product descriptions and ingredient lists on our website www.circleoflifebotanicals

If you are interested in wholesale prices or partnering with us to help distribute the Circle of Life Botanicals range we would love to talk with you. Please contact Suzanne at or ring 03 6684 3469/0428 731 921.

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Circle Of Life Botanicals

Circle Of Life Botanicals

Circle Of Life Botanicals

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