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Friends of the Earth Food Co-op


We are open:

Monday to Friday -10am - 6pm

        Saturday    -10am - 4pm.

Please remember to bring your own jars and bags for items, most of our products are in bulk. You can purchase jars, etc from the co-op if need be. The food co-op is an ethical trader that has been going in Melbourne for more than 30 years. It provides affordable, low packaged (bulk) food, fruit and vegetables, health and eco-cleaning products. Our particular emphasis is to provide natural, organic produce that is grown and prepared locally - preferably by small companies and producers.

Address 312 Smith Street,
VIC    3066
Phone 03 9417 4382

By purchasing goods through our store you are not only helping yourself but also Friends o f the Earth and the environment. The dynamic volunteer roster makes the co-op a fun community centre where skills and knowledge are constantly exchanged.

Unpackaged food policy

Packaging policy

By purchasing unpackaged goods and recycling you can reduce your carbon footprint.

Our aim is to:

REDUCE the amount packaging and waste,
REUSE packaging like bags and jars, and
RECYCLE as much as possible.

Reducing the amount of packaging is the first step to reducing carbon emissions.  It means that less energy is spent creating the product and less material needs to be recycled.

Reusing bags and jars:  you are invited to bring in your own containers and fill them up with the products that you need.  We also have a range of jars and bags that can be used. 

Recycling packaging:  The co-op attempts to purchase products that are packaged in environmentally friendly packaging i.e. glass, steel, cellophane, paper.  We try to avoid using plastic because it is highly toxic to manufacture.  We also recycle as much as we can including our bulk containers, tins, jars, bags, etc. 

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Friends of the Earth Food Co-op

Friends of the Earth Food Co-op

Friends of the Earth Food Co-op

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