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Solar panels, green cleaning products and services, organic clothes, wind turbines, eco gifts, car share, enviro accommodation, vegetarian food and cafes,  water tanks, find fairtrade gifts, all this and much more in this easy to use enviro directory . Here you can discover your closest organic fruit and vegetable shop, or order online and get them delivered. Our easy to use green products and services directory will help you to make greener safer choices in your life.

Look at the list of Greener Products and Services, and familiarise yourself with the Green safer options available to you.

Together we can make more of  a difference.

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Each time we reuse, recycle, buy organic or chemical free, bicycle or walk instead of drive, drink tap water, instead of buying bottled water, plant a tree or eat a meat free meal, we're becoming part of the solution instead of part of the problem. We are reducing our own environmental footprint.  

Think globally, shop locally -use our postcode search to find your closest green products or services 

Tip #1.

10 Simple Ways we can all have Less Negative Impact on Our Environment

  1. Shop local and buy locally grown and made.
  2. Put on more clothes instead of turning up the heat.
  3. Mend clothes etc. before buying new ones.
  4. Remember, every purchase makes an impact, your choice does make a difference.
  5. Eat less red meat. The very fact that healthy vegetarians and vegans exist proves that we don't really need to eat meat or fish to stay healthy.
  6. Avoid unnecessary consumption. Ask, 'Do I need it, or do I want it?
  7. Put food scraps in the compost instead of transporting them to the tip.
  8. Take reusable bags when shopping.
  9. Reuse and refill containers whenever possible.
  10. Walk, ride a bike or catch public transport instead of driving whenever possible.


Tip #2. Composting without a compost bin.

You will need approximately 1 sq metre of double thickness black plastic sheeting from the hardware shop, and 4-6 bricks or rocks.

  • Collect vegetable waste and left over food in an old bucket, the op shop might have one.
  • Dig a hole about 30 to 50cm deep and 60 to 70cm square, put the soil about half a metre away.
  • Put the food scraps into the hole and cover with a layer of the soil. Cover with the plastic and secure plastic with the bricks. This stops the compost from drying out, in hot weather you may need to ad water. Grey water from the shower is good. Place a bucket next to you when you have a shower.
  • To assist the composting process you could turn it over with a pitchfork or shovel every few weeks or months.
  • Start another one and leave the first to one break down. Turning it over every now and then will help it compost faster, and keep it smelling good. Dig it into your garden.


Tip #3. Vinegar, vinegar and more vinegar.

To be really green walk to your bulk store and refill your vinegar container.  It can be used to clean the toilet, freshen up the washing machine or dishwasher. Splash some on your dishcloth and wipe down kitchen benches, it'll clean your kitchen cloth and the bench at the same time. Vinegar even clears blocked drains. If they're badly blocked first use a rubber sink plunger, then pour in ½ cup vinegar and a palm full of bi carb soda. Don't use caustic drain cleaners, they're unnecessary, and they're very bad for the environment. Most of the chemical cleaners available are expensive, unnecessary and  potentially dangerous to our health, and to the environment.

Watch this space for more helpful environmental tips.

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