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Lighting Matters


From the specialists in LED lighting in Melbourne.

At Lighting Matters, we are dedicated to ensuring that your choice in LED lighting will be the most suitable for your application. Our staff have an in-depth knowledge of energy efficiency and sustainability, so you can be sure that we have some of the best LED lighting solutions on offer in the world. We take the time to find out your lighting requirments so that you end up with state-of-the-art LED lighting that will match your needs, as well as provide significant energy savings for years to come.

Lighting Matters Showroom

610B Moreland Rd, Brunswick West, Vic 3055

Open Saturdays 10am - 2pm

or by appointment

Phone 03 9943 8573


Address 610B Moreland Road
Brunswick West
VIC    3055
Phone 03 9943 8573

What are the advantages of LED?

Just to name a few...

Shock resistant: LED lights are a solid state designed component due to this they are reasonably resistant to breakages caused by transit, being dropped or similar events.

Explosion resistant: Unlike conventional lighting LED lights do not operate at extremely high temperatures in a vacuum which can cause explosions when failing.

Multi-dimensional Controllability: A nice big word to remember, MDC is a term to describe the possibilities with LED lighting. Because LED lights come in a vast range of colours, sizes, shapes, bases, designs, efficiencies, fixings etc. the possibilities of easily developing a custom size fitting are almost limitless.

Savings: LED lights run with up to 95% less energy consumption compared to most Halogen and incandescent globes and up to staggering 60%+ less energy consumption compared to fluorescent globes and tubes which means you not only save money but you're helping save our environment.

Safety: LED lights are safer to use in the home, pose a lower threat to house fires due to heat, provide protection against rising energy costs and are electrically safe and are cool to touch for childrens lamps.

Light Quality: LED lights more focused lighting provides ample light for all conditions, whether you are replacing tubes, halogens, incandescents or CFLs you will instantly find the light a more stable, crisp, clear light with distinctive colouring to suit.

Instant ON: LED lights have the ability to be turned on and off and to full capacity quicker than any other form of lighting. There is no flickering like CFLs and no lengthy warm up times.

Dimming: LED lights can be dimmed provided that the electronic components allow this. Generally you will need to use a LED driver and suitable dimmer pot to allow this.

Life: LED lights in general have a life expectancy of 25,000 - 100,000 hours. This means that even operating for 8 hours a day you should see your lights exceed 15 years with our high quality LED lights.

Temperature: LED lighting produces far less heat than conventional lighting, in some cases where an array of lights are used you can even save on your cooling bills!

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Lighting Matters

Lighting Matters

Lighting Matters

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