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Miss Spelt's Grains & Goodies


Miss Spelts Grains & Goodies offers a range of biodynamic certified bulk foods, organic & allergy friendly foods & goods, non toxic personal care products for the whole family & home. Informative books & literature. Gifts & green picnic pacs.

Address shop 2, 7 Green Street
VIC    3777
Phone 0400 373 335

Open Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm, Saturday 10am - 2pm

Remember when you could buy your flours, grains, nuts & dried fruits in bulk?

Well you can again - Healesville now has a bulk organic food store. But just not bulk foods, a great & growing range of allergy friendly foods. The makings for your own granola or muesli. Rye flour to feed your sour dough starter. And so much more. Allow time to browse Miss Spelts shelves to discover lots of wonderful goodies.

Beautiful, nourishing creams, soaps, lotions & potions for your skin. Natural mascara, liners & lipsticks. 3 Free nail polishes & natural soy oil based nail polish remover. Your nails will love it.  Shampoos & conditioners - yes botanical based & organic.  Luscious, moisturising giovanni organic eco 2chic range of haircare. Nature really does offer some amazing non toxic options for everyday living. Embrace a good life and live well.

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Miss Spelt's Grains & Goodies

Miss Spelt's Grains & Goodies

Miss Spelt's Grains & Goodies

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