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Probiotic Solutions


Probiotic Solutions is an Australian owned manufacturer and distributor of beneficial probiotic microorganisms formulated for use in a range of commercial, agricultural and industrial applications.  Utilising world leading probiotic technology developed by scientists in the US, our products are a natural, organic, cost effective alternative to using chemicals around the home, workplace, on the farm and on industrial sites. 

Probiotic Solutions works with SCD Probiotics, a US life sciences company researching, developing and manufacturing natural probiotic products based on the principles of efficient and beneficial microorganism applied science. 

Address 6/23 Underwood Avenue
NSW    2019
Phone 02 9695 7762
Mobile 0418 153 042

Probiotic Solutions  ALL PURPOSE:  Next Generation Clean

Safe for Humans, Animals and The Environment

  • Proven Results
  • Chemical Free Solution 
  • Economic
  • One product, several uses

Based on the latest probiotic technology from the US, our ingredients read like your shopping list, molasses, sea salt, fruit juice and rice bran.

Probiotic Solutions’ concentrated cleaning powerhouse can be used on all surfaces – benches, floors, ovens, bathrooms even drains to cut through grease, lift stains and give a lasting shine to all surfaces.

How does it Work?

Powering our cleaning range are microorganisms that create bio-chemicals including antioxidants, bacteriocins, vitamins and other beneficial compounds to deliver instant cleaning and odour control.

Did you know there is an estimated 75,000 chemicals used in the cleaning industry and only 10% of them have been fully tested for their health and environmental effects?

Probiotic Solutions FRESH:  Next Generation Odour Management

Safe for Humans, Animals and The Environment

  • Proven Results
  • Chemical Free Solution 
  • Economic
  • One product, several uses

FRESH eliminates odours caused by pets, drains, sewers, septic tanks, compost heaps, even smelly socks.

Our microbes outcompete the stinky bacteria for food leaving your problem zone odour free.

When used in large scale compost operations, FRESH has been shown to significantly increase the quality of compost including NPK and nutrient index.

Use FRESH to:

  • Eliminate odour emissions at the source
  • Get rid of those embarrassing and irritating smells around the house or workplace
  • Control odours around drains, septic tanks and sewers
  • Speed up compost time and enrich the soil

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Probiotic Solutions

Probiotic Solutions

Probiotic Solutions

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