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Solar panels, green cleaning products and services, organic clothes, wind turbines, eco gifts, car share, enviro accommodation, vegetarian food and cafes,  water tanks, find fairtrade gifts, all this and much more in this easy to use enviro directory . Here you can discover your closest organic fruit and vegetable shop, or order online and get them delivered. Our easy to use green products and services directory will help you to make greener safer choices in your life.

Look at the list of Greener Products and Services, and familiarise yourself with the Green safer options available to you.

Together we can make more of  a difference.

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Research a Green Product - Green Brands

Our Research a Green Brand area is a simple way for you to find environmentally relevant information about a variety of green brands. Here you can find details such as production methods, ingredients, environmental ethics and transport distance required, and as a result you can make more informed environmentally considerate choices.

This is the easy way to be up to date about your green choices allowing you to:

Choose healthier products to bring into your home environment.

Create a healthier environment.

Be part of the solution.

Reduce your environmental footprint.

Find products that will help the earth become healthier.



Animal and Pet Care


Art and Design


Baby, Child and Mother


Body and Skin Care


Building and Eco Home


Cleaning Products


Clothes and Fashion




Food and Related


Garden and Landcare


Home and Household Needs


Office Products


Water Conservation



Using our Postcode/Suburb search will help you to keep your enviro footprint smaller. By shopping as local as possible,.(including your online shopping ) your purchases will need less transporting.

The Saved Planet Green Products and Services directory Postcode locator is the easy way to find local green products and services.

You can use the green products and services postcode directory to:

Find your local Solar Panel supplier, organic food, and sustainable products.

Help you to make greener safer choices in your life.

Help improve your environment.

Find all types of local green products and services.

Reduce your chemical usage and pollution.

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