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Solar panels, green cleaning products and services, organic clothes, wind turbines, eco gifts, car share, enviro accommodation, vegetarian food and cafes,  water tanks, find fairtrade gifts, all this and much more in this easy to use enviro directory . Here you can discover your closest organic fruit and vegetable shop, or order online and get them delivered. Our easy to use green products and services directory will help you to make greener safer choices in your life.

Look at the list of Greener Products and Services, and familiarise yourself with the Green safer options available to you.

Together we can make more of  a difference.

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Food And Related

ORGANIC Food. – Organic Food is made from Certified Organic ingredients which are grown and processed without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilisers, or Genetically Modified substances.

"Certified organic" means the growing and processing is supervised, by certifying organisations.

Organic is not just about chemical free food. Organic farm management involves several systems of soil rejuvenation practices. (Including crop rotation, which keeps the soil naturally healthy, and growing green manure, which releases healthy nitrogen, and is then ploughed back into the soil.) It is also about the chemical-free way our food is handled after growing. Farm workers on organic farms are not being exposed to harmful pesticides. Consequently there is no chemical run-off into our rivers and oceans. The whole system is linked - Soil. Plants. Animals. Food. People. Environment.

Organic products are safer for our environment and safer for us.



Alcoholic Beverages


Bakeries - Organic Bread

ORGANIC BAKERIES bake Organic Bread. – Organic Bread is made from Certified Organic grains which are grown and processed without the use of... read more 

Bakeries - Organic Cakes

ORGANIC BAKERIES bake Organic Cakes. – Organic Cakes and pastries are made from Certified Organic flours and other ingredients which are... read more 



Bread - Organic

ORGANIC BREAD – Organic Bread is made from Certified Organic grains which are grown and processed without the use of synthetic chemicals,... read more 

Bulk Foods

Many of the bulk foods available through this listing will be certified organic. Even if they aren’t organic they are still a good... read more 

Cafes - Enviro

An Enviro Cafe would be practising several environmentally sustainable actions such as

1. Using biodegradable take away... read more 

Cafes - Organic

Choosing to eat at an Organic Cafe is an easy way to support environmentally sustainable organic farming... read more 

Cafes - Vegetarian

Vegetarian Cafes are making a significant contribution to reducing environmental problems. Vegetarian eating, -eating meat/ fish  free... read more 

Catering - Organic


Catering - Vegan


Catering - Vegetarian


Catering Supplies - Enviro

Enviro careting supplies are usually biodegradable.


Dairy - Organic and Biodynamic


Fairtrade Labelled


Fruit and Vegetables locally sourced


Fruit and Vegetables Org and Bio

Purchasing Organically and Biodynamically grown food is better for our environment. Each time we support these farming methods by buying the... read more 

Groceries - Organic


Herbs & Spices

When we purchase certified organic Herbs & Spices we are supporting the environmentally safer farming methods... read more 

Packaging - Food



Raw Food Cafe


Restaurants - Enviro

An Enviro Restaurant would be practising several environmentally sustainable actions such as:

1. Using biodegradable take away... read more 

Restaurants - Organic


Restaurants - Vegetarian

Restaurants - Vegetarian Restaurants are becoming more popular as people turn to vegetarian dining as a way of choosing to help the... read more 

Soy Products - Org and Non GMO


Vegetarian Cafes

Choosing to eat vegetarian food is an environmental plus.





Using our Postcode/Suburb search will help you to keep your enviro footprint smaller. By shopping as local as possible,.(including your online shopping ) your purchases will need less transporting.

The Saved Planet Green Products and Services directory Postcode locator is the easy way to find local green products and services.

You can use the green products and services postcode directory to:

Find your local Solar Panel supplier, organic food, and sustainable products.

Help you to make greener safer choices in your life.

Help improve your environment.

Find all types of local green products and services.

Reduce your chemical usage and pollution.

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